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Hook Me Up: Crochet!

November 12, 2011

Good night all! I hope your Friday went well. How are you exploring your creativity?! This creative season I’m inspired to learn to crochet and/or knit. Calling all crocheters and knitters! Any suggestions for a true beginner?
I borrowed this book from the library to get a boost in my crocheting adventures. It would be great to start a crocheting/knitting club with friends or friends-to-be. Enjoy your weekend while you create with a Kūüôā


Bottled Jungle Fever

November 4, 2011
Black and White bottles

Bottled Jungle Fever

Happy November¬†all, I’m back!¬†I’ve missed being here with you. To say it’s been too long would be an understatement. I come bearing beautiful creations. This time handmade items from my dear aunt D! She loves decorating recycled bottles of all sorts with either masking or decorative duct tape. I’m not sure when she started¬†¬†but it occurred to me that I should share her¬†talents on my creative blog. Please let me know what you think of her creations.¬†Your opinion¬†means so much to me! Have a wonderful start to the weekend! Blessings…

Backseat Animal Print

A Scrap in Time Makes Cards

January 12, 2011

Get Well (Brilliant), Thank You (Bifold) Cards

Happy Wednesday everyone and Snow Day to those in some parts of the 49 of 50 states! I had some time and crafts on hand to make a few cards last week. What a difference scraps of beautiful craft paper can make! I made 3 Thank You cards, 1 birthday card and a Get Well Soon card. I gave 2 out of 5 away to two of my dear friends. A handmade gift is more priceless than anything else you could buy. Did you Kreate something from the heart today???

Spice of Life

June 5, 2010


I completed my first paper album from Creative Memories!!!¬†The Spice of Life(#643156) paper album came with 6 white pages and 14 double-sided designer-print papers, 12 dbl-sided photo mats, stickers, designs,¬†an idea booklet and an envelope if I wanted to send it as a gift.¬† I decided to use a thankful theme. Showing family and friends some people and things I’m thankful for. I was so excited that I had to show those who attended last month’s NSD(National Scrapbook Day) in my area!!! They loved how I designed the pages and the pictures I chose, too.

I’m currently working on other albums in the meantime such as a 12×12 Wishes & Dreams album (showcasing my¬†hopes and dreams), a 8×8 album of my college years and an 8×8 album of love.


April 17, 2010

Home sweet home. At least this time. Resting and organizing in between while listening to a playlist of eclectic music ranging from jazz, christian rap, african, and instrumental. I’ll be writing some a bit later keeping with my GXG(Good Excuse Goal)¬†for the month of April. My GXG is to write a short story and my 30 Day Do It(how I plan to execute the GXG)¬†is to write my first draft. So, fortunately for my coming out of writing hiatus I’m focusing on developing my main character¬†and how I want¬†to describe her to my audience.¬†I’m hoping for the best. No matter what your profession, you are your worst critic even before anyone has a chance to see your creation. Well, I pledge to continue this GXG until I’m pleased with the final product.